Marco RagniMarco Ragni’s Research Group (University of Freiburg)

Dr. Simon Maier (Imaging)
Dr. Imke Franzmeier (Neuroanatomy of reasoning)
Dipl.-Psych Barbara Kuhnert (psychological studies on reasoning)
Rebecca Albrecht (Task and complexity analysis)

Research Assistants:
Matthias Frorath
Franz Dietrich
Eva-Maria Steinlein

… more about the people, our research and the faculty on the university webpage.


Former Researches of Marco Ragni’s Group
Dr. Thomas Fangmeier (CSpace / ActivationSpace)
Stefano Bennati
Sven Brüssow (CSpace)
Philip Stahl (iQCoach)
Andreas Klein (CSpace Project)
Felix Steffenhagen (CSpace Projekt)