Exp 14: Structural Analysis of fluid IQ-test problems


The experiment written in Flash examines different kinds of problem structures for geometric problems similarly used in the Raven’s Advanced Matrices or Culture Fair Test. The problems have been systematically varied regarding the combination of problem functions.

Link: http://imodspace.iig.uni-freiburg.de/misc/iqcoach_typetest/iqcoach.html





The website IQCoach.de offers a huge database of geometrical problems which are similar to such used in intelligence tests. Users of the website can train their problem solving strategies by performing different types of task and tests. All tasks are generated according to a database of different problem principles, which were collected from an analysis of different tests in the literature. All tasks are characterized according to their problem structure and stimuli. This allows users to train individually specific types of tasks.

The website was realized by a Karl Steinbuch scholarship.

The URL of the Website is: https://www.iqcoach.de

Solver IQ Tasks


The program allows the user to design arbitrary geometrical tasks like such used in the Raven or CFT3 intelligence tests. The tasks are solved by the program and their complexity for human subjects is evaluated. The complexity measure is based on an analysis of the empricial data from the CFT3.

To run the program Python2.7 and PyGTK is required.