ANN Tools for Number Series

Any mathematical pattern can be the generation principle for number series. In con-
trast to most of the application fields of artificial neural networks (ANN) a successful
solution does not only require an approximation of the underlying function but to correctly
predict the exact next number. We propose a dynamic learning approach and evaluate our
method empirically on number series from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.
Finally, we investigate research questions about the performance of ANNs, structural prop-
erties, and the adequate architecture of the ANN to deal successfully with number series.
Solving number series poses a challenging problem for humans and Artificial Intelligence
Systems. The task is to correctly predict the next number in a given series, in accordance
with a pattern inherent to that series. We propose a novel method based on Artificial
Neural Networks with a dynamic learning approach to solve number series problems. Our
method is evaluated on an own experiment and over 50.000 number series from the Online
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) database.

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